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Horror Icons Candy Box

Horror Icons Candy Box

SKU: Iconbox

Our Horror Icons Candy Box offers you 14 killer treats all wrapped in one box!

From marshmallows to jellies to super SUPER sour sweets, this has it all.

Freddy’s Jumpers - Super sour watermelon hard candy.

Captain Spaulding’s Chicken Feet - jelly candy.

Leatherface Victim Guts - Fruit jellies.

Jason Masks - White Chocolate skulls.

Halloween Pumpkins - Pumpkin jelly’s.

Hannibal Brains - Brain jellies.

Pennywise Balloons - Sour lollipops

Pinheads - Chocolate Balls.

Ghostface Killers - Filled Jellies.

The Rings - Jelly rings.

Annabelle’s Plaits - Marshmallows.

Regans Vomit - Filled Marshmallows.

Paranormal Activity Spooks - Foamy Jellies.

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